What is the scope for the export of areca leaf plates?

The food industry is always on the lookout for an eco-friendly substitute for plastic disposable plates. This has resulted in huge demand for Areca plates across the globe.

Areca palm leaf plates have replaced plastic and paper plates at all events and party dinners in India. Now, these plates have entered the export arena too. This makes one wonder if there is really any scope for areca leaf plate exports? It is time to take a look.

Areca leaf plate export data  

There is tremendous scope for the export of Areca leaf plates. These palm plates are being exported to the United States, Europe, Australia, Africa, and even South-East Asia. Large quantities are regularly shipped to Germany, Israel, Australia, and the United States.

India is the highest cultivator, producer, and exporter of Areca palm products in the world. Most of the Areca palm is grown in Karnataka and North-East Indian states like Assam, Meghalaya, etc.

Reasons for the demand and scope for Areca Leaf Plate exports   

Plastic ban

The ban on plastics in many countries of the European Union has created an opening for Areca Leaf Plates to be exported. These plates are seen as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic plates.

Reduced labor and maintenance

Most restaurants have switched to areca plates in order to reduce their labor and maintenance. Being economical, these bio-degradable plates are good for single-time use. They can be disposed of easily and do not pose any environmental hazard as they decompose within 2 weeks.

Palm plates are good for reuse as well as they dry quickly when washed. This is unlike bamboo plates which take hours to dry.

Instead of spending huge amounts on engaging staff or machines to clean the vessels, restaurants find it more economical to use these eco-friendly plates instead.

Uniformity in global use

Several hotels have opened their restaurant chains around the world. They seek uniformity in the tableware they use wherever they maybe. The use of the disposable areca plate has enabled them to maintain uniformity in the tableware they use throughout their global chain.

Change in food lifestyle

With the advent of the pandemic, food lifestyles have changed globally. People prefer to take away or drive through than dining in. This has led to a need for disposable plates and bowls suitable for spill-free packing. Areca Nut leaf plates are catering to this demand in every way.

Event and party supplies

Whenever there is outdoor dining at any event and party celebration, everyone looks for the conventional areca plates. Be it India or Israel, event organizers still prefer to use these 100% natural and degradable areca leaf plates as they can handle both hot and cold food with ease. This disposable tableware does not affect the food taste either, unlike bamboo plates.

Biodegradable Economic Packaging

There is a rising awareness among people about plastic causing cancer. This has led to many of them insisting on the use of organic and biodegradable materials for food packaging.  That brings Areca nut leaf plates to the fore to cater to this demand.

Variety in the product description

Even if it is made of plant materials, the Areca plate is not boring. It is available in a wide variety of designs like the appetizer plate, quarter plate, round plates, dinner plate, butterfly plate, betel nut plate, etc. Some of these disposable plates come in unique designs like bear shape, boat shape,etc. There are assorted sizes available too, from 2-4 mm available size to 10-12 inch size

This extended product portfolio also increases the scope for exports by a great measure.

Easy availability of raw materials

Areca nut trees are easy to grow and are cultivated in plenty in many parts of India. Their leaves are used by small ancillary units or cottage industries to fabricate eco-friendly, disposable tableware. The ease of availability of raw materials and the ease of manufacturing are the main reasons for the flourishing business and exports of the areca nut leaf plate from India.

Variety of end-users

Areca palm leaf products have a variety of end-user markets. These include restaurants, cafes, bistros, bars, pubs, country and sports clubs, hotels, marriage venues, community dinners, corporate events, etc. This market segmentation is a clear indicator of the demand for areca palm leaf products.

The above factors clearly indicate that there is a definite scope for the export of areca leaf products. All you need to do is to get started with an enterprise that exports areca leaf plates and success will join you on the way.

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