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What do we do at Arbhu?

At Arbhu Enterprises we are building an exclusive community of global businesses that export Made in India goods. Arbhu was born out of a need to bring back the focus on a long-lost virtue: Trust.

Our motto is to develop trust for Indian products in International markets. We offer a huge catalogue of unique goods that are directly ready for retail distribution around the world.

Our Team

What do you get when you put a bunch of extremely passionate and committed people and entrust them with interesting challenges and leave them to it? That’s our team! Self-motivated, value-driven individuals who keep the mojo high.

Why Join Us:

We have a deep understanding of how global brands operate. You will be the face of Arbhu amongst new & existing partners. You will engage with them on a day to day basis to unearth value for them, in meeting Arbhu’s goals along with meeting your own personal learning and growth goals. We promise you an excellent work environment because we believe positive environment yields wonderful results.


Our young and energetic team will keep your energy and motivation levels elevated


We truly believe in smart work, so no set working hours. Your productivity matters, not hours sitting in front of the system.


Swanky office in Koramangala, in the heart of Bengaluru with in-house snacks and beverages, entertainment and relaxation rooms, regular team outings and numerous other benefits

If this looks like a place you want to join then
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