Process of making

A Simple and Transparent Process

We utilize naturally shed leaves to create eco-friendly, adaptable, and exquisite dinnerware and cutlery. The fallen leaves are cautiously collected, cleaned; pressure washed, scoured, and sun-dried. At that point squeezed into different shapes to frame plates, bowls, and other customized cutlery. The utilization of fallen leaves facilitates the financial strain to chop down trees and in this manner safeguard our planet’s true identity. Arbhuware items are sustainably produced and give a wellspring of living to numerous families in smaller communities of South India.

As each leaf is a solitary creation from nature, their hues and tones vary from natural whites and pearls to light beige, tans with normal grains and silver going through them. Available in categories of various shapes and sizes to suit all your sustenance serving needs, their magnificence will loan style and effortlessness to any table or smorgasbord. As our items are made from natural leaves, slight varieties in shading and thickness happen as every leaf/sheath is not quite the same as another one.

Manufacturing Process

Our disposable dinnerware is produced using leaves that are normally shed from Areca Palm Trees, found in Southern India. When we state normally shed, this implies no trees are ever cut, and no leaves are ever plucked. We cherish this!
Step 01
When the palm leaves are shed from the tree, they are then gathered, arranged, and cleaned. There are no synthetic substances or added substances utilized in the whole assembling procedure. It is 100% chemical-free.
Step 02
The outcome is a refined yet gritty work of nature that will compliment any dinner. They are ideal for weddings or occasions, barbecues, picnics, outdoor treks, cooking, and engagements at home. From leaf to table, Arbhuware dinnerware is the best eco- friendly option in contrast to disposable plates, bowls, spoons, and a decision you can be proud of.
Step 03
Once cleaned, the palm leaves are then hand pressed and smoothed before processing. To maintain uniform and similar shapes, they are molded by utilizing hydraulic heat pressing techniques. Different plates, bowls, and spoons can be produced using single areca palm leaf plates — a perfect example of Waste to Wealth!
Step 04

Facts, Features, and Why You’ll Love our Palm Leaf Plate Products

We have leased out spaces in multiple warehouses across the east, west, central and north USA to act as fulfilment centres of our client’s goods.


Made from only fallen leaves and water


Non-toxic — no chemicals, plastics, glues, lacquers, or veneers


Durable yet lightweight


Can hold hot or cold foods and liquids


No heat transference


Maintains shape when in contact with hot substances


Microwave-safe up to 2 minutes on high


Oven-safe for up to 45 minutes at 350 degrees at least 6” away from heat source


Refrigerator and freezer-safe

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