What are the benefits of choosing palm leaf plates and why should you care?

Eating right has become the main mantra for the masses today. This means not only eating the right food but eating it using the right food-safe containers and tableware. That is why people are shunning plastic plates and switching to palm leaf products instead. Is this switch a temporary fad or are these areca palm leaf plates really here to stay? Can we explore other options for biodegradable tableware like disposable bamboo plates? Are Areca leaf plates really beneficial? Why not check them out?

Benefits of choosing palm leaf plates  

Natural and healthy

Disposable palm leaf plates are made from fallen and dead leaves of the areca palm. These areca palm leaf products are made by compressing these leaves by hand using heat molds. The organic materials used here are totally plant-based and the manufacturing process does not use any harmful chemicals.


Traditional plastic plates are made of polymers like Bisphenol A or BPA which cause cancer. Bamboo plates also use a chemical resin called Melamine which is also carcinogenic. When compared to these, palm leaf plates are made of wholly natural materials like the leaves of the Areca palm trees. They are 100% natural and toxin-free.

Health benefits

Areca Palm is full of health benefits. Palm leaf products reduce acidity and improve your eyesight when used as dinnerware.

Easy and convenient

Disposable palm leaf plates are widely used for serving food at almost every outdoor buffet or dinner party. This is because they are easy to hold, carry and eat in. Areca leaf plates can hold both hot and cold foods without getting bent. They can hold greasy food and liquids without leaking.


The main benefit of palm leaf dinnerware is its quick-drying feature. This helps in reusing them after washing within the shortest time. On the other hand, a bamboo plate takes at least 2 hours to dry. This makes it unsuitable for serving wet foods or for reuse.

Maintains the taste of the food

Palm leaf tableware is great for serving hot food as it maintains the quality and taste of food even when heated. But not Bamboo plates. Bamboo plates release acids when heated. They pose many health hazards and are unsafe for serving steaming hot foods.

Event and party supplies

When events are organized, the organizers look for party supplies that are both easy and economical. The first main factor they look for is the ease of handling and the strength of the material. The dinner plates they use must hold both hot, cold, or greasy foods without spillage or leakage. This is where Palm leaf disposable plates step in as the ideal option.  

Affordable option

Party organizers procure dinner plates in bulk and hence look for affordable prices. Bamboo plates are costly and packed in fewer numbers in each packet. Disposable palm plates are cheaper when procured in singles or bulk.

Aesthetic appeal

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, bamboo plates lose out to palm plates. Bamboo plates look synthetic and artificial as they are mass-produced. On the contrary, Areca leaf plates are appealing with their natural wood grain finish and come in attractive colors too. Palm plates are also available in different styles to suit your taste.

Choosing palm leaf plates shows you care for the environment  

The use of Areca leaf plates benefits not only you but the whole world. Disposable palm leaf plates can be easily composted as they decompose within 2 weeks. The manufacturing process of these compostable plates is also totally eco-friendly as it does not use or release any chemicals. Bamboo plates, on the other hand, take at least 2 months to break down. Their manufacturing process also involves the felling down of trees, which is not a sustainable practice.

So, if you care for your health and the welfare of the world, it is the areca palm leaf disposable plates you must choose.

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