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“Everything organic!”. That is the mantra that the world follows today.

With pollution and climate change grappling the world, people want to turn to natural and organic raw materials for all their products of everyday use. They insist on using finished products that are biodegradable and can be easily subjected to the composting process. They also insist on controlling emissions from production to reduce the carbon footprint.

Using palm leaf products appears to be the wisest and most viable option to achieve sustainability and environmental protection. During the entire manufacturing process, they want to maintain premium quality in each step of the leaf plate life cycle.

Maintaining quality in palm plates production processes  

Organic disposable plates are usually made from the Areca Palm Leaf. The fallen leaf fronds of the Areca Palm tree are collected by workers and sold to small-scale companies. These companies act as cottage industries that produce single-use plates from these leaves. These leaves are compressed using heat moulds to form disposable plates.

The entire manufacturing facility uses biodegradable, water-resistant materials. The finished products conform to the international quality standards as these plates are even exported to foreign countries.

Ways in which palm leaf plate manufacturers maintain their quality  

Manufacturers of palm leaf plates ensure that palm leaf plates are processed to full production capacity only if they meet the perfect standards. To ensure this, they institute the following measures:

Multistage cleaning  

Seasoned workers gather the palm leaves fallen from the Areca trees, sort them, and wash them. They undergo a multistage cleaning before they are sent for processing.

This multistage cleaning is the first step in controlling the quality of the product. No chemicals or additives are used for this cleaning. The thorough cleaning ensures that the basic materials of these plates remain germ-free.


The washed leaves are compressed to the desired shape using hot moulds. This process dries up all the moisture content in the leaves. This sterilization is another step in ensuring the cleanliness of the leaf products.


Perfection is also a reflection of quality. That is why the shaped leaf plates are trimmed to perfection after sterilization. Any loose fibres or threads are cut off to give the perfect shape. Wood chips leftover from the kraft process are also removed before packaging to ensure there are no jagged edges or uneven surfaces in the product.


Finally, the palm leaf products are packed in cartons or boxes made of kraft paper or cardboard which is again a biodegradable material.

Quality Assurance in palm leaf plate manufacturing  

Palm leaf products manufacturing maybe a new industry, but Arbhu Enterprises is committed to quality and environmental protection. That is why we use renewable energy sources and waste management facilities that are low in carbon intensity. The source of energy used and the waste product are both biodegradable.

From start to finish, the entire manufacturing facility is subjected to the purview of a dedicated quality assurance system. Every aspect of production is under keen observation to maintain high-quality standards. Every item is sent out to the market only when the standards are met.

Palm leaf products are sourced from many vendors. But, care is taken to see that all the items sourced from various suppliers are uniform. Each leaf plate is unique in its markings and appearance. Yet, when it comes to quality, evaluation is done for each plate in terms of appearance, nature, and standard. Only those palm leaf products that pass the tests are put up for sale.

Care is taken in each aspect of production to avoid using any coating material, chemicals, or dyes. This matters a lot in the leaf plate life cycle.

Also, the palm leaf plate is in demand as it is an easy disposal option for food service. Right from the phase of wood harvesting and leaf gathering to the finished product, the entire leaf plate life cycle is eco-friendly, leaving a tiny biogenic carbon footprint and minimal emissions per plate.

Switch from paper plates to palm leaf plates and be assured of premium quality and organic health all the way. Arbhu Enterprises is an agro product manufacturer and distributor that can help with this. Get in touch with us for more information.

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