The revival of palm leaf plates: why they’re making a comeback

The revival of palm leaf plates: why they’re making a comeback  

In today’s age, fast food and finger foods are what people prefer. Takeouts and food service are the norm. To serve these, hot foods and cold foods are served on disposable plates.

Disposable plastic tableware is out as they are made of harmful materials. When plastic plates are put in the microwave for food service, toxic chemicals like phthalates and BPA enter the food.

Paper plates and leaf plates are now seen as the right alternative to plastic. They are currently in use at all wedding receptions and corporate events. They are the perfect choice for catered parties like birthday parties, anniversary parties, bridal showers, and backyard barbecues. Bamboo plates and palm plates are used as disposable dinnerware at every dinner party.

Reasons why palm leaf plates are making a comeback

Of all the compostable plates, Areca palm leaf plates are making a comeback as the correct choice of plates for the following reasons:

Zero carbon footprint  

Disposable palm leaf plates are preferred as the all-natural alternative to plastics. This biodegradable tableware does not release any detrimental carbons while manufacturing or leave behind any carbon footprint during its production.

No deforestation  

The disposable bamboo plate needs bamboo trees to be felled. However, palm plates do not need any deforestation. They are made from the fallen leaves and fronds of the Areca palm tree. No palm tree is cut to make these plates, as only the leaves shed are used.

Best recycling solutions   

If you want a recycling solution that does not leave any carbon within the soil, Palm plates are the best. They use sustainable resources like natural palm leaves that are easily backyard compostable.

Affordable and Eco-friendly dinnerware  

When you plan for an outdoor wedding or a dinner party, you need dinner plates in bulk quantity. If you want an affordable alternative for food service at such events, the best choice is palm leaves.

Beautiful dinnerware  

If you want beautiful dinnerware to match your aesthetic taste, you can opt for beautiful palm plates. These plates are available in all shapes – circular shape, heart shape, bowl shape, and more!

Different varieties  

Palm plates are available in a wide range of options to suit all occasions. Dinner plates, cake plates, dessert plates, salad plates – you name it, you can have it in palm plates.

Natural beauty  

Palm plates have a variety of markings that come as natural variations. They are the cutest plates that look good in their natural color and markings. Everyone loves these cool plates and uses them as disposable dinner plates. These dinner plates are distinctly environmentally friendly looking and appealing. These attractive plates are right for food service applications.

Dependable dinnerware  

Palm plates are best for serving food. They can handle hot foods and cold food items without ruining the taste of food. They can bear the weight of any amount of food without turning soggy or spilling. They are heavy-duty plates that you can depend on for serving both solids and liquids.

Eco-friendly product  

Palm plates are best for food service applications as they are biodegradable and easily compostable. They can go to the composting pile along with the food waste.

Easily compostable  

Palm leaf tableware takes only 60 days to compost. They are backyard compostable and do not need any special or additional material to compost.

No more dish duty  

Palm leaf plates help avoid paying for labor to wash dishes. They are use-and-throw plates. Hence, you can utilise them as single-use plates and discard them after use.

Palm leaf plates are back in use as a friendly alternative to plastic. These amazing plates are the best alternate solutions that you can use instead of paper plates. Opt for palm leaf plates for all your food service applications and always buy the best quality plates from a reputed supplier like Arbhu Enterprises.

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