The best way to throw a party with eco-friendly palm leaf plates  

Everyone loves an outdoor party or wedding. Throwing a porch party or hosting a barbecue night is fun but planning for it requires a lot of attention to detail. Especially organizing the food and serving it right using the right disposable dinnerware.

Generally, people shun plastic plates and opt for eco-friendly compostable plates instead, these days. They look for sustainable plates that are made from purely organic materials without leaving any carbon footprint.

When we talk of biodegradable plates, we have different types of plate options. We can choose between paper plates, wooden plates, or natural leaf plates. Among chic leaf plates, we have many more options, like banana leaf plates, bamboo leaf plates, sugarcane bagasse plates, Areca palm leaf plates, etc.

Among all these options, people try to avoid even paper plates and look for sturdier disposable plates that can hold all types of foods. That is why we must look for an eco-friendly option as an alternative to paper plates.

Reasons why palm leaf plates are the ideal option for weddings, parties, and outdoor events  

The ideal option is palm leaf plates for the following reasons:

Easily disposable   

Areca Palm plates are the best for food service at any event because they can be disposed of easily without a mess. All you have to do is serve food on these attractive natural plates and just trash them separately after use. Since these plates are easily compostable, you need not have any guilt about causing any land pollution by disposing them of.

Quick to decompose  

Palm leaf disposable plates take only 60 days to compost and decompose. This makes them the best eco-plates that you can use for preventing landfills and saving the environment.

Can handle all kinds of food  

At weddings and parties, we serve all types of food- hot foods, cold foods, greasy foods, solids, and liquids. The type of plate we use must be able to handle all these food items without warping or ruining the taste of the food. The eco palm leaf plate can hold both hot and cold food in solids and liquids form without giving away or ruining the food taste.

Sturdy material  

The type of plates we use for outdoor weddings must have some special qualities. It must be strong enough to hold several food items yet light in weight to carry in hand at a buffet. Disposable paper plates are too thin to hold many food items. Disposable bamboo plates are too heavy. It is best to opt for the strongest palm leaf plate.

The best and most sturdy plate is the Eco palm leaf plate. It can hold many food items while remaining light enough to be carried.

No more washing or cleaning  

Most people think twice before hosting a party when they think of the number of dishes to be washed. Not anymore when you have the palm leaf disposable plates.

You can easily use these single-use plates and host a palm leaf plate party without worry.

Economical dinnerware  

Even for a small porch party, we have to think of a budget. Palm plates are the most pocket-friendly plates that fit your budget. Get a palm leaf plate party pack and host a party every season.

Free from chemicals  

Palm leaf dinnerware is made from all-natural, bio-based materials made from premium palm leaves. They are eco-friendly plates made from palm leaf sheaths that are wholly natural materials.


When you host a party, it is not enough just to look for compostable party plates. While looking for disposable products, we must also look for aesthetically appealing plates.

Areca palm plates are natural products with a natural woody texture. They are earthy-looking plates with a natural finish. These adorable palm leaf plates are elegant party supplies suitable for themed parties and any occasion.

Palm leaf plates are all-natural plates that are ideal disposable dinnerware products. Choose eco-friendly compostable plates from Arbhu Enterprises that are the perfect alternative to plastic as disposable dinner products for all occasions.

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